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Seth Adkins


   "Privileged" (2007) ... as "Nick Weber" (Supporting)
   "Pirate Camp" (2006) ... as "Cooper" (Lead)
   "Bad News Bears, The" (2006) ... as "Mean Yankee" (Lead)
   "Funky Monkey" (Previously "Hairy Tale") (2004) ... as "Michael" (Lead)
   "Failures" (2002) ... as "Sam Kyle" (Lead)
   "Pirates of the Plain" (1999) ... as "Bobby" (Lead)
   "Mafia!" (1998) ... as "Tiny Anthony" (Lead)
   "Titanic" (1997) ... as "Young Boy" (Lead)
   "Baby Geniuses" ... voice (Lead)
   "Stir" (1997) ... as "Matthew Bekins" (Lead)
   "Wuthering Heights, CA" (2003) as "Young Hendrix"
   "When Andrew Came Home" (2000) ... as "Andrew" (Lead)
   "Geppetto" (2000) ... as "Pinocchio" (Lead)
   "The Promise" (1999) ... as "Del Stoller" (Lead)
   "First Do No Harm" (1997) ... as "Robbie Reimuller" (Lead)
 TELEVISION (Episodic)
   "Navy NCIS" guest starring as "Sean Hodges" in episode: "Iced" (#3.19) 4/4/2006
   "The West Wing" guest starring as "Cody Zucker" in episode: "A Good Day" (#6.17) 3/2/2005
   "Judging Amy" guest starring as "Charlie Dane" in episode: "Long Run, The"
    (#610) 1/18/2005
   "Touched by an Angel" guest starring as "Sam" in episode: "A Time for Every Purpose"
    (#916) 2/1/2003
   "CSI: Miami" guest starring as "Conner" in episode: "Losing Face" (#1.2)
   "Kid Heroes Stories" as "Seth Adkins" (Host)
   "Paranormal Girl" (Pilot) as "Kevin Billingham" (Series Regular)
   "Mark of Greatness" as "Keith"
   "Drew Carey" guest starring as "Pinocchio" in episode: "What's Wrong with This Episode III"
    (#5.19) 3/1/2000
   "Batman & Beyond" guest star
   "Being Dunbar" guest star
   "Touched By An Angel" guest starring as "Nick Beringer" in episode: "Perfect Little Angel"
    (#4.23) 4/26/1998
   "Pretender" guest starring as "Nicky Parks" in episode: "Silence" (#2.16) 4/4/1998
   "C-16" recurring as "Daniel" in episode: "Eight Pounds of Pressure" (#1.6) 11/8/1997
   "Family Business" series regular
   "E.R." co starring as "Benny Miles" in episode: "Fortune's Fools" (#3.13) 1/30/1997
   "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" guest starring as "Rex" in episode: "Girl and her Cat, A"
    (#1.11) 12/13/1996
   "Small Talk" guest star
   "Little Monsters" series regular
   "Best Christmas Pageant"
   Excellent singer
   Memorizes quickly
   Takes direction well
   Rides bicycle
   Rides horses
   Enjoys all sports


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